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1992 WIZ New York Yankees Hall of Fame

Total players: 35
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Baker BAKH01
2Barrow BARE03
3Berra BERY01
4Chance CHAF01
5Chesbro CHEJ01
6Combs COME01
8Dickey DICB01
9DiMaggio DIMJ01
10Ford FORW01
11Gehrig GEHL01
12Gomez GOML01
13Griffith GRIC02
14Grimes GRIB06
15Harris HARB09
16Hoyt HOYW01
17Huggi HUGM04
18Hunter HUNC01
19Keeler KEEW01
20Lazzeri LAZT01
21MacPhail MACL02
22Mantle MANM02
23McCarthy MCCJ06
25Pennock PENH02
26Perry PERG01
27Rickey RICB03
28Ruffing RUFR01
29Ruth RUTB01
30Sewell SEWJ01
32Stengel STEC01
33Vance VAND07
34Waner WANP01

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