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1997 Pacific Florida Marlins

Total players: 33
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
Title Card
1Kurt Abbott
2Moises Alou
3Alex Arias
4Bobby Bonilla
5Kevin Brown
6John Cangelosi
7Luis Castillo
8Jeff Conine
9Jim Eisenreich
10Alex Fernandez
11Cliff Floyd
12Rick Helling
13Felix Heredia
14Mark Hutton
15Charles Johnson
16Al Leiter
17Robb Nen
18Jay Powell
19Pat Rapp
20Edgar Renteria
21Tony Saunders
22Gary Sheffield
23Devon White
24Gregg Zaun
25Jim Leyland
26Rich Donnelly
27Bruce Kimm
28Jerry Manuel
29Milt May
30Larry Rothschild
31Tommy Sandt
32Billy the Marlin

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