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1998 Q-Cards Portland Sea Dogs 5th Anniversary

Total players: 36
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Charles Johnson
2Edgar Renteria
3Kevin Millar
4Luis Castillo
5Ralph Milliard
6Mike Redmond
7Ryan Jackson
8Mark Kostsay
9Todd Dunwoody
10Alex Gonzalez
11Lou Lucca
12Dave Berg
13Chris Sheff
14John Roskos
15Pookie Wilson
16Greg O'Halloran
17Billy McMillon
18Tim Clark
19Randy Winn
20Livan Hernandez
21Felix Heredia
22Antonio Alfonseca
23Jay Powell
24Rob Stanifer
25Brian Meadows
26Will Cunnane
27Tony Saunders
28Mike Duvall
29Marc Valdes
30Joel Adamson
31Bryan Ward
32Bill Hurst
33Carlos Tosca
34First Pitch
35First Batter
36Slugger the Sea Dog

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