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1998 Upper Deck Top Prospects Destination the Show

Total players: 30
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
DS1Travis Lee
DS2Eric Chavez
DS3Ramon Hernandez
DS4Daryle Ward
DS5Jackson Melian
DS6Ben Grieve
DS7Brent Butler
DS8Rolando Arrojo
DS9Ryan Minor
DS10Adrian Beltre
DS11Sidney Ponson
DS12Gary Matthews, Jr.
DS13Ron Wright
DS14Warren Morris
DS15Russell Branyan
DS16Paul Konerko
DS17Mike Caruso
DS18Jacque Jones
DS19Preston Wilson
DS20Chad Hermansen
DS21Aramis Ramirez
DS22Kerry Wood
DS23Corey Lee
DS24Carl Pavano
DS25Kris Benson
DS26Derrick Gibson
DS27Mike Stoner
DS28Juan Melo
DS29Mike Kinkade
DS30Alex Gonzalez

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