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1999 Nashville Sounds Team Issue

Total players: 30
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Jimmy Anderson
2Steve Bieser
3Darryl Brinkley
4Emil Brown
5Brad Clontz
6Ivan Cruz
7Jim Dougherty
8Jose Guillen
9Greg Hansell
10Sandy Krum
11Richie Hebner
12Chad Hermansen
13Matt Howard
14Trent Jewett
15Tim Laker
16Joey Long
17Bob Milacki
18Ray Montgomery
19Abraham Nunez
20Ozzie the Cougar
21Kevin Polcovich
22Todd Van Poppel
23Aramis Ramirez
24Mike Robertson
25Rich Robertson
26Matt Ryan
27Rich Sauveur
28Jeff Sparks
29Bruce Tanner
30Chris Tremie

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