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2000 Memphis Redbirds Team Issue

Total players: 34
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Stubby Clapp
2Jim Dougherty
3Keith McDonald
4Bryan Eversgerd
5Luis R. Garcia
6Justin Brunette
7Mark Little
8Rick Heiserman
9Luther Hackman
10Lou Lucca
11Jason Karnuth
12Steve Bieser
13Chad Hutchinson
14Eduardo Perez
15Fred Rath
16Mark Nussbeck
17Britt Reames
18Chris Richard
19Jose Rodriguez
20Larry Sutton
21Gene Stechschulte
22Clint Weibl
23Ernie Young
24Darrell Whitmore
25Rick Wilkins
26J.D. Drew
27Rockey the Redbird
28X Campbell
28Day DAYX01
28X Fagan
28Gaylen Pitts
29Keith McDonald
29Chris Richard
30Autozone Park

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