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2001 Choice Ottawa Lynx

Total players: 31
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Andy Tracy
2Ryan Minor
3Rob Sasser
4Tomas De La Rosa
5Talmadge Nunnari
6Mark Smith
7Jimmy Gonzalez
8Jeremy Ware
9Jamey Carroll
10Henry Mateo
11Dan McKinley
12Curtis Pride
13Brian Schneider
14Bob Scanlan
15Bobby Munoz
16Sean Spencer
17Matt Blank
18Troy Mattes
19Donnie Bridges
20Keith Evans
21Robert Marquez
22Felipe Lira
23Pat Flury
24Joey Eischen
25Ted Rose
26Randy St.Claire
27John Mallee
28Sean Bearer
29Stan Hough
30OC the Owl
31Team Checklist

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