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2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Statistical Standouts Super

Total players: 25
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
SS-1Ichiro Suzuki
SS-2Barry Bonds
SS-3Ivan Rodriguez
SS-4Jeff Bagwell
SS-5Vladimir Guerrero
SS-6Mike Sweeney
SS-7Miguel Tejada
SS-8Mike Piazza
SS-9Darin Erstad
SS-10Alex Rodriguez
SS-11Jason Giambi
SS-12Cal Ripken, Jr.
SS-13Albert Pujols
SS-14Carlos Delgado
SS-15Rafael Palmeiro
SS-16Lance Berkman
SS-17Luis Gonzalez
SS-18Sammy Sosa
SS-19Andruw Jones
SS-20Derek Jeter
SS-21Edgar Martinez
SS-22Troy Glaus
SS-23Magglio Ordonez
SS-24Mark McGwire
SS-25Manny Ramirez

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