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2001 Oklahoma Highway Tulsa Drillers

Total players: 31
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Matt Beech
2Harry Berrios
3Paul Carey
4Perry Castellano
5Derrick Cook
6Chris DeLucia
7David Elder
8Javier Flores
9Osmani Gaia
10Chris Garza
11Leiby Guzman
12Travis Hafner
13Moe Hill
14Travis Hughes
15Jeremy Jones
16Corey Lee
17Colby Lewis
18Steve Luebber
19Jose Martinez
20Dave Meliah
21Kevin Mench
22Kevin Mobley
23Brian Oliver
24J.J. Pearsall
25Juan Piniella
26Andy Pratt
27Matt Snyder
28Danny Solano
29Luis Taveras
30Corey Wright
31Vince and Larry

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