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2001 Upper Deck SP Authentic Stars of Japan

Total players: 60
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
RS1Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS1Ichiro Suzuki
RS2Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RS2Hideki Irabu
RS3Tomo Ohka
RS3Mac Suzuki
RS4Hideki Irabu
RS4Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS5Hideo Nomo
RS5Ichiro Suzuki
RS6Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS6Mac Suzuki
RS7Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS7Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS8Hideo Nomo
RS8Tomo Ohka
RS9Mac Suzuki
RS9Ichiro Suzuki
RS10Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RS10Hideo Nomo
RS11Hideo Nomo
RS11Masato Yoshii
RS12Hideki Irabu
RS12Hideo Nomo
RS13Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RS13Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS14Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RS14Mac Suzuki
RS15Hideo Nomo
RS15Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS16Tomo Ohka
RS16Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS17Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS17Ichiro Suzuki
RS18Hideki Irabu
RS18Masato Yoshii
RS19Tomo Ohka
RS19Ichiro Suzuki
RS20Hideki Irabu
RS20Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS21Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS21Masato Yoshii
RS22Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RS22Ichiro Suzuki
RS23Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS23Mac Suzuki
RS24Hideki Irabu
RS24Ichiro Suzuki
RS25Tomo Ohka
RS25Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS26Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RS26Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RS27Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS27Masato Yoshii
RS28Hideo Nomo
RS28Kazuhiro Sasaki
RS29Ichiro Suzuki
RS29Masato Yoshii
RS30Hideo Nomo
RS30Mac Suzuki

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