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2001 Upper Deck SP Authentic Stars of Japan Game Ball-Base Combo G

Total players: 28
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
HI-KSHideki Irabu
HI-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
HN-KSHideo Nomo
HN-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
HN-SHShigetoshi Hasegawa
HN-SHHideo Nomo
IS-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
IS-KSIchiro Suzuki
IS-MYIchiro Suzuki
IS-MYMasato Yoshii
IS-SHShigetoshi Hasegawa
IS-SHIchiro Suzuki
IS-TSTsuyoshi Shinjo
IS-TSIchiro Suzuki
MS-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
MS-KSMac Suzuki
MY-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
MY-KSMasato Yoshii
SH-KSShigetoshi Hasegawa
SH-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
TO-KSTomo Ohka
TO-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
TS-HIHideki Irabu
TS-HITsuyoshi Shinjo
TS-KSKazuhiro Sasaki
TS-KSTsuyoshi Shinjo
TS-SHShigetoshi Hasegawa
TS-SHTsuyoshi Shinjo

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