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2001 Topps Traded Who Would Have Thought

Total players: 20
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
WWHT1Nolan Ryan
WWHT2Ozzie Smith
WWHT3Tom Seaver
WWHT4Steve Carlton
WWHT5Reggie Jackson
WWHT6Frank Robinson
WWHT7Keith Hernandez
WWHT8Andre Dawson
WWHT9Lou Brock
WWHT10Dennis Eckersley
WWHT11Dave Winfield
WWHT12Rod Carew
WWHT13Willie Randolph
WWHT14Dwight Gooden
WWHT15Carlton Fisk
WWHT16Dale Murphy
WWHT17Paul Molitor
WWHT18Gary Carter
WWHT19Wade Boggs
WWHT20Willie Mays

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