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2001 Upper Deck Rookie Update USA Touch of Gold Autographs

Total players: 24
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
AEAdam Everett
ASAnthony Sanders
BABrent Abernathy
BSEBobby Seay
BSHBen Sheets
BWBrad Wilkerson
CGChris George
DMDoug Mientkiewicz
EYErnie Young
JCJohn Cotton
JRJon Rauch
KUKurt Ainsworth
MJMarcus Jensen
MKMike Kinkade
MNMike Neill
PBPat Borders
RFRyan Franklin
RKRick Krivda
RORoy Oswalt
SBSean Burroughs
SHShane Heams
TDGookie Dawkins
TWTodd Williams
TYTim Young

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