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2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Award Winners

Total players: 50
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
251Cal Ripken, Jr.
252Cal Ripken, Jr.
253Cal Ripken, Jr.
254Cal Ripken, Jr.
255Ryne Sandberg
256Don Mattingly
257Don Mattingly
258Roger Clemens
259Roger Clemens
260Roger Clemens
261Roger Clemens
262Roger Clemens
263Roger Clemens
264Roger Clemens
265Rickey Henderson
266Rickey Henderson
267Jose Canseco
268Barry Bonds
269Barry Bonds
270Barry Bonds
271Barry Bonds
272Jeff Bagwell
273Kirby Puckett
274Kirby Puckett
275Greg Maddux
276Greg Maddux
277Greg Maddux
278Greg Maddux
279Ken Griffey, Jr.
280Mike Piazza
281Kirby Puckett
282Mike Piazza
283Frank Thomas
284Hideo Nomo
285Randy Johnson
286Juan Gonzalez
287Derek Jeter
288Derek Jeter
289Derek Jeter
290Nomar Garciaparra
291Pedro Martinez
292Kerry Wood
293Sammy Sosa
294Chipper Jones
295Ivan Rodriguez
296Ivan Rodriguez
297Albert Pujols
298Ichiro Suzuki
299Ichiro Suzuki
300Ichiro Suzuki

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