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2004 Leaf Certified Cuts Hall of Fame Souviners

Total players: 50
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
1Ernie Banks
2Stan Musial
3Nolan Ryan
4Duke Snider
5Bob Feller
6George Brett
7Robin Yount
8Harmon Killebrew
9Gary Carter
10Phil Rizzuto
11Reggie Jackson
12Mike Schmidt
13Lou Brock
14Bob Gibson
15Bobby Doerr
16Tony Perez
17Whitey Ford
18Juan Marichal
19Monte Irvin
20Fergie Jenkins
21Ralph Kiner
22Eddie Murray
23George Kell
24Hoyt Wilhelm
25Carlton Fisk
26Rod Carew
27Frank Robinson
28Gaylord Perry
29Red Schoendienst
30Brooks Robinson
31Al Kaline
32Orlando Cepeda
33Steve Carlton
34Luis Aparicio
35Warren Spahn
36Kirby Puckett
37Phil Niekro
38Jim Bunning
39Tom Seaver
40Paul Molitor
41Johnny Bench
42Don Sutton
43Robin Roberts
44Jim Palmer
45Joe Morgan
46Roberto Clemente
47Lou Gehrig
48Babe Ruth
49Ty Cobb
50Ted Williams

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