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2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Tools of the Stars Bat Card

Total players: 39
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
TS-APAlbert Pujols
TS-AP1Albert Pujols
TS-AP2Albert Pujols
TS-ARAlex Rodriguez
TS-AR1Alex Rodriguez
TS-AR2Alex Rodriguez
TS-ASAlfonso Soriano
TS-AS1Alfonso Soriano
TS-AS2Alfonso Soriano
TS-CDCarlos Delgado
TS-CD1Carlos Delgado
TS-CJChipper Jones
TS-CJ1Chipper Jones
TS-CJ2Chipper Jones
TS-DJDerek Jeter
TS-DJ1Derek Jeter
TS-DJ2Derek Jeter
TS-HMHideki Matsui
TS-HM1Hideki Matsui
TS-HM2Hideki Matsui
TS-HNHideo Nomo
TS-HN1Hideo Nomo
TS-HN2Hideo Nomo
TS-ISIchiro Suzuki
TS-IS1Ichiro Suzuki
TS-IS2Ichiro Suzuki
TS-JBJosh Beckett
TS-JB1Josh Beckett
TS-JB2Josh Beckett
TS-JTJim Thome
TS-JT1Jim Thome
TS-JT2Jim Thome
TS-KGKen Griffey, Jr.
TS-KG1Ken Griffey, Jr.
TS-KG2Ken Griffey, Jr.
TS-KWKerry Wood
TS-KW1Kerry Wood
TS-PIMike Piazza
TS-PI1Mike Piazza

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