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2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Hall Worthy Rainbow Logo Patch Autogr

Total players: 50
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
HW-CF1Carlton Fisk
HW-CF2Carlton Fisk
HW-DE2Dennis Eckersley
HW-DE3Dennis Eckersley
HW-DE4Dennis Eckersley
HW-DS3Don Sutton
HW-DW1Dave Winfield
HW-EM1Eddie Murray
HW-EM2Eddie Murray
HW-EM3Eddie Murray
HW-FJ2Fergie Jenkins
HW-FJ3Fergie Jenkins
HW-GB1George Brett
HW-GB2George Brett
HW-GC1Gary Carter
HW-GC2Gary Carter
HW-JP1Jim Palmer
HW-JP2Jim Palmer
HW-KP1Kirby Puckett
HW-MO2Joe Morgan
HW-MS1Mike Schmidt
HW-MS2Mike Schmidt
HW-MS3Mike Schmidt
HW-NR1Nolan Ryan
HW-NR2Nolan Ryan
HW-NR3Nolan Ryan
HW-NR4Nolan Ryan
HW-OS1Ozzie Smith
HW-OS2Ozzie Smith
HW-PM1Paul Molitor
HW-PM2Paul Molitor
HW-PN1Phil Niekro
HW-RC1Rod Carew
HW-RC2Rod Carew
HW-RJ1Reggie Jackson
HW-RJ2Reggie Jackson
HW-RJ3Reggie Jackson
HW-RJ4Reggie Jackson
HW-RY1Robin Yount
HW-RY2Robin Yount
HW-SA1Ryne Sandberg
HW-SA2Ryne Sandberg
HW-SA3Ryne Sandberg
HW-SC1Steve Carlton
HW-SC2Steve Carlton
HW-TS1Tom Seaver
HW-TS2Tom Seaver
HW-WB1Wade Boggs
HW-WB2Wade Boggs
HW-WB3Wade Boggs

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