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2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Materials Silver

Total players: 40
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
HFM-BR1Babe Ruth
HFM-BR2Babe Ruth
HFM-BR3Babe Ruth
HFM-DD1Dizzy Dean
HFM-DD2Dizzy Dean
HFM-GS1George Sisler
HFM-GS2George Sisler
HFM-JD1Joe DiMaggio
HFM-JD2Joe DiMaggio
HFM-JD3Joe DiMaggio
HFM-JF1Jimmie Foxx
HFM-JF2Jimmie Foxx
HFM-JM1Johnny Mize
HFM-JM2Johnny Mize
HFM-JM3Johnny Mize
HFM-JR1Jackie Robinson
HFM-JR2Jackie Robinson
HFM-JR3Jackie Robinson
HFM-LG1Lou Gehrig
HFM-LG2Lou Gehrig
HFM-LG3Lou Gehrig
HFM-MC1Mickey Cochrane
HFM-MM1Mickey Mantle
HFM-MM2Mickey Mantle
HFM-MM3Mickey Mantle
HFM-MO1Mel Ott
HFM-MO2Mel Ott
HFM-RC1Roberto Clemente
HFM-RC2Roberto Clemente
HFM-RC3Roberto Clemente
HFM-RH1Rogers Hornsby
HFM-SP1Satchel Paige
HFM-SP2Satchel Paige
HFM-SP3Satchel Paige
HFM-TC1Ty Cobb
HFM-TC2Ty Cobb
HFM-TC3Ty Cobb
HFM-TW1Ted Williams
HFM-TW2Ted Williams
HFM-TW3Ted Williams

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