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2005 Upper Deck Ultimate Signature Edition Signature Rookie of the

Total players: 41
May contain multiple players on one card
Card #Name
JMDerek Jeter
JMThurman Munson
JPMRDerek Jeter
JPMRThurman Munson
JPMRMike Piazza
JPMRJackie Robinson
PNRDon Newcombe
PNRMike Piazza
PNRJackie Robinson
ROY-BPJohnny Bench
ROY-BPMike Piazza
ROY-BRJeff Bagwell
ROY-BRScott Rolen
ROY-CMOrlando Cepeda
ROY-CMWillie McCovey
ROY-CSRod Carew
ROY-CSTom Seaver
ROY-DMAndre Dawson
ROY-DMEddie Murray
ROY-FBJohnny Bench
ROY-FBCarlton Fisk
ROY-FLCarlton Fisk
ROY-FLFred Lynn
ROY-GRNomar Garciaparra
ROY-GRScott Rolen
ROY-GSDwight Gooden
ROY-GSTom Seaver
ROY-JGNomar Garciaparra
ROY-JGDerek Jeter
ROY-RALuis Aparicio
ROY-RAFrank Robinson
ROY-RJDerek Jeter
ROY-RJCal Ripken, Jr.
ROY-RRCal Ripken, Jr.
ROY-RRFrank Robinson
ROY-SGDwight Gooden
ROY-SGDarryl Strawberry
ROY-WDAndre Dawson
ROY-WDBilly Williams
RRFrank Robinson
RRJackie Robinson

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