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Any visitor under the age of 13 may use this site without a login, but will not have access to any of our advanced features (creating want/trade lists). The only information that we collect from this type of visitor is which are the most popular pages overall, of all visitors together. We do not associate these visits with our visitors in any way.

For a visitor to this site that is under the age of 13 to obtain a login they must obtain parental permission by entering their email address and their parents email address. We then send an email to the parent to attempt to obtain permission for their child to have full access to our site.

For parents who wish to view what information we have collected of their child they can use the parent login sent in the permission email sent. They can login and view any of their childs information that we have collected from them. They can also of their choosing have their childs login and all information associated with their login permanently deleted from our files.

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